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Wicked Inferno

About the Product

Wicked Inferno is a one of a kind supplement due to its brand name that says “wicked”, which probably means a very potent fat burning product. Wicked Inferno is a product of Pure Body Nutra, a supplement manufacturer located at Atlanta, Georgia. As the name suggest, this diet pill claims that it can put your body into an “inferno”-type state, which means burning fat for rapid weight loss.


  • Increase in temperature in just less than an hour (thermogenesis effect)
  • Effectively suppresses appetite
  • Enhances energy and metabolic levels
  • Improves memory, mood and mental clarity


wicked inferno ingredientsThe formula of Wicked Inferno is 100% natural and are all known to provide weight loss effects.

Its proprietary blend (450mg per serving) is composed of caffeine, glucuronolactone, phenethylamine hydrochloride, synephrine caprylate, nettle leaf extract, yohimbe extract, picamilon and inositol niacinate.

Its inactive ingredients include gelatin, calcium carbonate and magnesium stearate.

As you can see, the ingredients include stimulants that are just common in most thermogenic supplements.


How it works

According to Pure Body Nutra, Wicked Inferno works by boosting your energy and metabolism. Doing so will enable your body to prevent fat storage and will help improve your workout performance in the gym.

They also claim that Wicked Inferno can help enhance your mood, mental clarity, sharpness and overall focus, which can lead to better appetite management. How can Wicked Inferno do all these tasks?

Well, if you look at its formula, it has the tools that can truly provide weight loss. For example its caffeine content. Caffeine is a common agent in most thermogenic supplements due to its stimulating effects.

Caffeine affects your central nervous system, which helps improve alertness, focus, while giving you more energy. Caffeine is also known as a fat burner and is packed with antioxidants.

Wicked Inferno also features glucuronolactone, a type of molecule that is commonly found in energy drinks. Glucuronolactone is proven to help improve blood flow, which is essential for enhancing bodily functions including athletic abilities and overall physical performance.

Phenethylamine hydrochloride or PEA (the “love” drug) is a supplement that has been used for variety of medical purposes including cognitive enhancement, mood and concentration improvement and of course, weight loss.

Wicked Inferno also has bitter orange or synephrine caprylate, is a powerful stimulant that directly affects the nervous system. When combined with caffeine (which Wicked Inferno also have), results in a very potent thermogenic properties which some says powerful than ephedra. However, this combination sometimes results also to unwanted side effects – WebMD.

On the other hand, inositol niacinate (niacin), nettle leaf and yohimbe extract are ingredients that can help reduce inflammation, increase urine output (nettle leaf), lowers cholesterol levels and improve blood flow. These properties can help improve athletic performance including sexual drive.

Picamilon is a safe supplement that is primarily used for brain enhancement. Since Wicked Inferno claims that it can help improve memory, focus and mental sharpness, then this agent is the one that can provide these benefits.


Directions of Use

According to Pure Body Nutra’s official website, you can take 1 to 2 capsules of Wicked Inferno per day, with water and food.

Do not exceed two capsules per day.


Don't Eat

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