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Vanish Fat Metabolizer

About the product

Are you looking for a fat metabolizing supplement? If yes, then maybe Vanish Fat Metabolizer by ProSupps is suitable for your weight loss requirements.

Many people are trying to lose weight and most of them tends to depend heavily to supplements. Either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant, losing weight isn’t just as easy as 1, 2 and 3!

So can Vanish Fat Metabolizer help you eliminate those hard to burn body fats? Can it help you to reduce your food cravings and at the same time, boost your energy and metabolism?

Read this short product review and learn if this diet pill can truly help you lose weight.

What is Vanish Fat Metabolizer?

Vanish Fat Metabolizer is owned and distributed by ProSupps USA LLC, a US-brand supplement company that gave you some of the best and popular dietary and fitness supplements in the market.

From the name itself, Vanish Fat Metabolizer seems to be an interesting diet pill as it use the name “vanish” which simply implies to your body fat being burned. But can it truly help you lose weight?

Some of the health claims of this supplement includes the following:

  • Promotes fat loss
  • Enhances mood and mental clarity
  • Reduces food cravings and suppresses appetite


Unlike many other fat burners or thermogenic supplements, Vanish Fat Metabolizer is consist of 3 comfortable energy blend called “matrix”. These matrix are Fat Burning Matrix (305mg per serving), Euphoric Matrix (89mg per serving) and Appetite Control Matrix (29mg per serving).

The Fat Burning Matrix is consist of caffeine anhydrous, caffeine citrate, green tea leaf, dicaffeine malate, raspberry ketones, calcium pyruvate, aegelline, hordenine HCL and sulbutiamine.

The Euphoric Matrix is packed with rhodiola rosa root extract, alpha lipoic acid, pikatropin, R-Beta-Methylphenylethylamine, 5-HTP, vinpocetine, huperzia zerata club moss extract and N-Methyl-B-Methylphenylethylamine HCL.

Lastly, Vanish Fat Metabolizer’s Appetite Control Matrix is consist of yohimbe bark extract and dandelion root extract.

vanish fat metabolizer ingredients

How does Vanish Fat Metabolizer Work?

There are limited information on how Vanish Fat Metabolizer works for weight loss. The aforementioned Matrix blends do have some definitions from ProSupps official site. But other than that, there are no dependable details on how this brand can trigger weight loss.

So to be able to get an insight whether this brand can actually product some good results, we need to dig deeper into these three touted Matrix blends and see how it functions as a potent fat burning supplement.

Fat Burning Matrix

ProSupps describes this matrix as a unique “Infinergy” blend, which will help increase your energy levels, combat fatigue and support your body’s fat-burning processes.

These clinically proven and known slimming ingredients promotes fatty acid utilization that will help improve your body’s reaction to any physical activities.

Basing from the image above, the Fat Burning Matrix is indeed packed with fat burning and energy boosting agents such as caffeine, raspberry ketones, hordenine HCL and green tea extract.

Caffeine is a stimulant and probably the most popular weight loss agent of all time. It works directly into your central nervous system and stimulates many tasks such as mental clarity, fat burning, focus, energy and many more. Caffeine is also known to possess its own antioxidant properties.

Raspberry ketones is another popular weight loss agent that is known to help increase your body’s adiponectin level. It has fat burning effects that is similar to ephedrine and synephrine.

According to, raspberry is much more potent if combined with caffeine, and Vanish Fat Metabolizer does have caffeine which means that this supplement can truly help you burn fat.

Green tea is another fat burning compound that is widely used in most weight loss product. Green tea is also known to contain potent polyphenols, a type of powerful antioxidants. Unknown to many, green tea also has small amounts of caffeine in it so this leafy extract is also stimulating.

Sulbutiamine is another stimulant that mainly acts in the brain. Several studies has suggest that sulbutiamine has positive impact to memory, energy enhancement and even sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

Aegeline is an extract that is used in weight loss products. While this extract is naturally extracted from trees, it can be produced synthetically through laboratories. Aegeline was one of the main issues on one of the most controversial diet pill in the industry – OxyElite Pro.

FDA banned this diet pill in the market due to its incorrect claims on its ingredient profile which was specifically referring to aegeline. Though Vanish Fat Metabolizer only has 5mg of aegeline per serving, you can’t erase the fact that this extract is not recommended by the FDA.

Euphoric Matrix

This matrix is consist of weight loss agents that are known to promote mental energy, stamina, focus, while supporting against stress.

First, alpha lipoic acid is a chemical that acts similarly as an antioxidant. It is mainly used for diabetes, memory loss, chronic fatigue, cancer, AIDS, heart and blood vessel diseases. WebMDstated that ALA can help reduce body weight when used in long-term supplementation.

Rhodiola root extract also acts as a stimulant as it mainly acts in the nervous system. As such, it is used to help treat cancer, tuberculosis, helps improve hearing and enhances immunity.

5-HTP is another chemical that works in the brain. It primarily help increase the production of serotonin, a chemical that is known to support better weight management, insomnia, depression and many other health conditions.

Vinpocetin helps increase blood flow in the brain and works similarly with rhodiola extract.

Appetite Control Matrix

This matrix is composed of two herb extracts that are known appetite suppressants – dandelion root and yohimbe. With only 29mg per serving, you can bet that Vanish Fat Metabolizer is not specifically focused on appetite suppression, but more of an energy booster and fat burner. 29mg though signifies a safe dosage for you.

Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, begin taking one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach and one capsule 5 to 6 hours later in the mid-afternoon to assess tolerance.

You should not exceed 2 capsules in 24 hour period. Consulting your physician before using this brand is highly advisable.


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