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Unique Hoodia

About the product

Unique Hoodia’s unique formula is specifically designed at reducing your appetite. With your appetite being suppressed you will be eating less and in turn this gives your body room to burn extra calories and fat. One of the amazing things about this formula is that the ingredients will help give you increased energy levels whilst letting you eat less, and therefore consuming less calories. Unique Hoodia is an extremely powerful appetite controller that will make you feel less hungry so that you will eat less.



  • Helps lower your body mass
  • Helps suppress your appetite to stop in between meal snacking
  • Help reduce your hunger levels & make dieting easier
  • Finally reach your weight management goals and get the body you deserve
  • Help control your calorie intake and make your diet a success



Hoodia Gordonii

The Hoodia Gordonii is a type of cacti which is indigenous to areas of the South African desert. For generations, the nomadic Sans tribe have used Hoodia Gordonii to reduce their appetite, thus allowing them to go on long hunting trips without being distracted by hunger. This is the main ingredient in T5 with Hoodia and this is what reduces your appetite.


Piperine helps the absorption of nutrients into the system.


How it works

While many hoodia-containing weight loss supplements contain a host of other ingredients in addition to the extracts of the South African cactus plant, UniqueHoodia contains only one ingredient: Hoodia Gordonii.

Since it is not doctored up with a bunch of other herbs and substances, UniqueHoodia contains a maximum strength dosage of this unique appetite-suppressing plant. The product promises to help you curb your appetite, reduce your calorie intake, lose body not just water weight.


Directions of Use

Take 3 capsules per day, one before each main meal.



Don't Eat

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