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We are all used to energy drinks! After all caffeine is the most popular energy drink in the world and drank on a daily basis by just about everyone in either coffee or tea. There are also the numerous drinks on the market such as Red Bull that promise a powerful buzz and a pick me up when needed.

Most energy drinks are based on caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system and also has a mild cognitive enhancing effect mainly because it makes you feel more alert and awake.

Unlike energy drinks The TruBrain range of drinks are not based solely on caffeine. Instead they contain a blend of nootropic ingredients – substances that increase the energy and chemicals in the brain to improve mental functioning.

TruBrain also contains amino acids and nutrients, all of which directly affect mental functioning and can boost endurance, mental power, memory and energy levels.
There are three “think drinks” in the range.

The first is Original which comes in dark blue packaging and contains a blend of nootropic ingredients. These include Oxiracetam, Piracetam and Citicoline plus amino acids known for a brain boosting effect. Oxiracetam is a fast acting and powerful racetam that helps increase motivation and memory and is currently being investigated as a treatment for dementia.

Original TruBrain also contains caffeine and vitamin C to increase absorption.

There is also a caffeine free version of this supplement, called simply Caffeine Free. This is identical to Original apart from the caffeine.

The third blend in the range is TruBrain Boost in orange packaging which contains Caffeine and amino acid, L-Theanine which naturally occurs in green tea. The nootropic profile is slightly different too but we will look into the ingredients later in the review.

Other ingredients in the drinks include plant extracts such as Nopal Cactus, Blue Agave, Mangosteen and Monk Fruit. The drinks come in tangy cranberry pomegranate flavor and a sweet strawberry banana flavor.


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