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About the Product

Traxafen is owned by a US-based company called AXA Neuroscience. Based on its claims, Traxafen is primarily an appetite suppressant supplement but also supports energy and metabolism increase. Marketed as an “all-day” appetite suppressant, Traxafen seems to be a very enticing weight loss support for all types of dieters. Imagine a formula that will enable you to control your food cravings and finally cease your mindless munching behavior.



  • Powerful “all-day” appetite suppressing effects
  • Increased thyroid output and fat burning
  • Enhanced energy and mental focus
  • Elevates metabolism for rapid weight loss
  • Natural formula
  • May provide some measures of energy increase



Like many other dietary supplements, Traxafen features a simple and safe formula. Its proprietary blend is formulated at 377mg per serving (twice a day equals to 754mg per day dose).

Traxafen is composed of trimethylpurine, synephrine HCL, hordenine HCL, schizandrol, 5-HTP and yohimbine extract.

Its inactive ingredients are magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

traxafen ingredients


How it works

There are no accurate explanation on how Traxafen works for weight loss. AXA Neuroscience claim that it can help suppress appetite while providing some measures of energy and metabolic increase.

To give you ideas on how this diet pill work, we will focus on its ingredients and see if it can truly deliver weight loss.


Trimethylpurine or simply known as caffeine, is a stimulant agent that directly affects your central nervous system. This compound is widely used in various nootropic and weight loss products due to its energy and memory enhancing effects.

In weight loss, caffeine can help improve physical performance while elevating energy levels that can be used during exercise. It is also touted to help increase metabolism that results to rapid fat loss.


Yohimbine is a chemical compound found in yohimbe evergreen tree. Yohimbine is known to help improve blood flow, which is highly beneficial for various health conditions such as sexual disorders, heart conditions and many more.

Like caffeine, yohimbine stimulates your body to improve athletic performance while it supports body’s weight loss processes.


Traxafen contains 5-hydroxytryptophan or simply called as 5-HTP. Like caffeine and yohimbine, 5-HTP works directly in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is said to affect sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior and pain sensation. This is the reason why 5-HTP is widely regarded as an appetite suppressant.

Synephrine HCL

Synephrine or commonly known as bitter orange, is another stimulating agent that affects your nervous system. It is mainly used to help increase blood pressure to cause the heart to beat faster.

Synephrine and caffeine combination is believed to help produce significant weight loss.

Hordenine HCL

Hordenine is a compound found in bitter orange, barley and many others plant extracts. Hordenine is known for its powerful fat burning effects due to its ability to increase metabolism.


Lastly, Traxafen contains schizandrol, a powerful herb that is known for its ability to increase dopamine in the brain. Increased dopamine leads to a much improved mental alertness, focus and clarity, which helps prevents stress, anxiety and many other mental issues.

For weight loss, schizandrol is used to improve physical performance and helps elevate energy levels as well.


Directions of Use

AXA Neuroscience recommends that you take one capsule of Traxafen, twice daily, 30 minutes before meals.


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