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Thermo Pure

Thermo Pure is another powdered fat burner that I believe can only be purchased online, specifically on Amazon.

Based on its name – “thermo”, this dietary supplement basically is a thermogenic formula that is designed to increase your metabolism, physical performance and energy levels. But can this product truly deliver results? Is it a safe fat burner?

Read on and learn if this powdered thermogenic dietary supplement can suite your overall fitness regimen.

What is Thermo Pure?

Thermo Pure is owned by a company called PacificNorthwest Naturals, and is an exclusive retailer at Amazon.

Curiously, a lot of products are also named after “thermo pure” in the market such as MyProtein’s ThermoPure. So to avoid confusion, this product review is for Thermo Pure of PacificNorthwest Naturals.

As aforementioned above, this brand is not available anywhere but online, specifically Amazon. I also found no official website for this company, which also means that information for this product is highly limited.

Some of the claimed health benefits of this product include:

  • Triggers thermogenesis
  • Increases energy and metabolic levels
  • Maximum fat burning
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Supports appetite reduction

At first glance, you will notice that there are no big differences with this brand’s features compared to other dietary supplements.

Read on and learn why I see Thermo Pure only as an average fat burner.

Thermo Pure Ingredients

Like most dietary supplements, Thermo Pure is packed with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are all known to be thermogenic.

The proprietary formula of Thermo Pure is dosed at 1,250mg per serving, enough potency to trigger slimming effects.

The formula include tyrosine AKG, caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium, ginger root, cayenne, yohimbe extract, hoodia extract and alpha lipoic acid.

Its inactive ingredients include envirosweet, silica and natural flavors.

thermo pure ingredients

How does Thermo Pure Work?

Since this brand has no official website, I can only gather very limited information online. Even its Amazon sales page is not that informative on how this brand works for weight loss.

So I will just use its formula to cite some information on whether these ingredient can truly trigger slimming effects.

First off, Thermo Pure is packed with stimulants such as caffeine and citrus aurantium (bitter orange extract). Both are known to affect your central nervous system, stimulating it to improve your overall brain function. Stimulants can trigger enhance mental performance, physical energy increase and many others.

Thermo Pure also contains amino acid tyrosine, which is also a brain stimulator. It affects your brain to help increase your alertness, mental performance and many others.

The only thermogenic agent that I see in Thermo Pure’s formula is cayenne. This compound is sourced from red chili pepper. Its spicy flavor triggers thermogenesis which in turn increases metabolic levels.

Alpha lipoic acid is a clinically proven weight loss agent. Hooda gordonii on the other hand is known as an appetite suppressant due to its P57 content.

However, P57 in hoodia gordonii is not completely supported by science. Most experts believe that there are no conclusive evidence that suggest the weight loss efficacy of P57. One such hoodia-based product that is not too impressive when it comes to weight loss is Hoodoba Pure.

Lastly, Thermo Pure contains yohimbe extract. This herb is known to improve sexual and mental performance, energy levels and may help increase metabolism. It works by increasing your blood circulation.

How about Safety?

I found no side effect reports for this brand online. Though probably safe for most adult dieters and physically active individuals, Thermo Pure is still not a side effect-free product.

Why? Because of two things – it contains stimulants and yohimbe.

Stimulants such as caffeine or citrus aurantium are both health essential in various ways. However, if not taken in moderation or if you are highly allergic to stimulants, you may experience mild to severe side effects.

Such side effects include dizziness, headache, vomiting, palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea and many others.

On the other hand, yohimbe is an extract that is deemed unsafe by most reputable health sites. Taking yohimbe by mouth is LIKELY UNSAFE for all types of dieters.

Due to these facts, Thermo Pure is neither the best, nor the safest weight loss brand for you.

To ensure a safe supplementation, you are encouraged to consult your doctor first before you take Thermo Pure.


PacificNorthwest Naturals recommend you to take 1 scoop with 3 to 6 oz of water upon waking. Another scoop is recommended early afternoon or pre-workout.

Seasoned dieters are recommended to use 2 scoops per serving. Do not exceed three scoops within four hours, or 5 scoops in a day.

Thermo Pure Review Summary

Thermo Pure seems to have a nice formula at first glance. But if you don’t do your research well, then you will be surprised once you notice that this product is not working for you.

This product is also not the safest as what I stated above. Overall, there are much more powdered supplements in the market today that can truly help deliver results.

For instance, IdealShake is one of the most reputable slimming shake in the industry today. This brand is truly worth a second look than just focusing on Thermo Pure alone. You can read our review of IdealShake here.

I am rating this dietary supplement as “NOT RECOMMENDED” due to the following reasons:


  • 100% natural formula
  • Might help increase energy levels
  • Might trigger short-term weight loss
  • Some favorable reviews online


  • Limited information
  • Limited customer testimonials
  • No ingredient amounts
  • Reports of inefficacy
  • Side effects are possible
  • Contains yohimbe – unsafe ingredient
  • Reports of awful taste
  • Pricey – $38.10 per bottle
  • Refund – highly unlikely


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