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Slim African Mango Cleanse

About the Product

Slim African Mango Cleanse is owned and distributed online by a company called Biloba Labs LLC. Based on its brand name, this dietary supplement is primarily a hunger stopper. However, it also claim that it can help “cleanse” your system by providing enough amounts of fiber that will help flush out harmful toxins from your digestive system.


  • Helps cleanse your system
  • Works as an appetite suppressant
  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Enhances brain function


slim african mango cleanse ingredientsLike most dietary supplements in the market, Slim African Mango Cleanse is 100% natural formula that is composed of herbs and extracts.

Its proprietary formula is dosed at 1,200mg per serving. It comprises of raspberry ketone, African mango extract, acai fruit extract, green tea extract, reveratrol, caffeine anhydrous, apple cider vinegar, kelp and grapefruit powder.

Its inactive ingredients include gelatin, calcium carbonate and magnesium stearate.

As you can see, Slim African Mango Cleanse is not just about appetite suppression, it also contains thermogenic agents that can help trigger metabolism increase.


How it works

First off, this brand is primarily an appetite suppressant and obviously, its main ingredient is African mango. I will concentrate more on this extract and we will see if it can truly help you lose weight.

According to WebMD, African mango (or scientifically known as irvingia gabonensis) is a fruit that is packed with vitamins, and is high in fiber. Because of this, African mango extracts are used to make various kinds of medicines.

Today, African mango is known for weight loss, treat heart diseases, improving diabetes control, lowering cholesterol and promotes digestive cleansing.

Due to its fiber content, African mango increases your body’s removal of cholesterol which reduces your risk of heart diseases and stroke. It also promotes better digestive system and weight loss.

However, weight loss properties of African mango is not completely proven efficient. Lab tests on rats proved to be effective but human trials needs to have more tests before it can be concluded as a weight loss agent.

Though there are doubts on African mango’s weight loss properties, it provides a good probability of weight loss as it is proven to reduce fat cell growth in lab tests.

Aside from African mango, Slim African Mango Cleanse also contains raspberry ketones (another popular slimming agent), grape fruit. apple cider vinegar and acai fruit extract.

All of these ingredients are often found in most weight loss products as these ingredients can provide some measures of slimming effects. Above all, these ingredients contains fiber and antioxidants, which promotes body cleansing and immune support.

Lastly, Slim African Mango Cleanse also contains stimulants and fat burners caffeine anhydrous and green tea extracts. Both are known to be thermogenics and metabolism boosters.


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