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Skinny Mini

About the product

Skinny Mini is a dietary supplement that promises weight loss without giving essential information to its customers. Have you heard this brand before? Have you even tried this product for your weight loss program?

Just like many other dietary pills in the market, Skinny Mini is based in herbal extracts that are known in the weight loss industry. However, can this brand truly help you lose weight?

Before you try this diet pill, I will give you some reasons why Skinny Mini is not the most suitable dietary supplement for you. Read on to learn more.

What is Skinny Mini by Nature’s Plus?

Skinny Mini is owned and distributed by Nature’s Plus, a pioneer company when it comes to health supplements for over 40 years. This brand is marketed as a revolutionary nutritional breakthrough, that is designed to ignite your personal fitness plan to whole new level.

This product is ephedra-free capsules that provides energizing weight loss benefits through its natural formula. The claimed benefits of Skinny Mini includes the following:

  • Burns fat fast
  • Increases energy and metabolism
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves mental alertness and performance
  • Reduces appetite

Ingredients of Skinny Mini

Skinny Mini is composed of 500mcg vitamin B12, 120mcg of chromium, 620mg of Skinny Mini proprietary blend (guarana, spirulina, green orange, cacao fruit and green tea), 250mg of rhodiola rosea root extract, 100mg of CITRIMAX (garcinia cambogia fruit extract), conjugated linoleic acid, forslean and 1mg bioperine.

Its inactive ingredients includes gelatin, silica and purified water.

skinny mini ingredients

How does Skinny Mini Work?

Unfortunately, there are no details on how this diet pill works for weight loss. Though we have a clue based on its formula, which is inconvenient to those who are not technically aware about its ingredients.

So based on its formula, there are significant amounts of stimulants on its proprietary blend, which comes from guarana extract, rhodiola and green tea extracts. So it means that this brand is designed to pump your energy while triggering massive amounts of weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate.

Other ingredients are all beneficial to weight loss. Bioperine for example is known to help increase your body’s absorption of nutrients. Garcinia cambogia is another popular weight loss fruit.

Is Skinny Mini Safe?

There are mix reactions regarding this diet pill in Amazon and most of them reports about its inefficacy and failure to give energy, though there are also some positive feedbacks.

Its ingredient list will tell you that Skinny Mini is not a side effects-free pill due to its stimulant content. Nature’s Plus even have a precautionary information on Skinny Mini’s sales page stating that you have to stop taking caffeine-rich products (such as colas, teas, etc.) during your Skinny Mini supplementation.

So if you are highly allergic to caffeine, then Skinny Mini might give you adverse health effects.


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