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Skinny Boo Daytime Detox Tea

A tea is one of the best and most natural product that you can use for the betterment of your health. Today’s product review is about a “teatox” brand that promotes both weight loss and body detoxification – Skinny Boo Detox Tea.

Lets face it, slimming teas are healthy and are truly beneficial. Though teas naturally have caffeine and should be moderately consumed, millions of people around the world drink teas in their daily lives.

Learn how Skinny Boo Detox Tea can help you achieve fitness without the hassles of rigorous training and fat diets. Read on to learn more.

What is Skinny Boo Detox Tea?

Skinny Boo Detox Tea is a UK-based product from a company with the same name – Skinny Boo. It only offers its detox tea and a clothing called Zip Up Hoodie.

This tea is made from natural loose leaf tea blend which comes in biodegradable pyramid tea bags for your ease and gives you a fresh flavor.

Skinny Boo Detox Tea claims to be one of the best ways to “TeaTox” due to its natural ingredients  that will help aid weight loss. Some of its health claims includes:

  • Increases your metabolism and energy levels
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps convert food into energy to burn calories
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Assists in the digestion of food

Daytime Detox Tea will cleanse your digestive system to help you with your weight loss needs. It claims that it can also help boost your energy to keep you motivated in reaching your fitness goals.

Ingredients of Skinny Boo Detox Tea

Skinny Boo Detox Tea is composed of known and natural tea herbs that has been used for centuries for health improvement. This 100% natural tea blend will help you lose weight along with a healthy active lifestyle.

Its main ingredients are oolong tea, mate green, cinnamon, lemon myrtle, nettle leaves and ginger. As most teas, Skinny Boo Detox Tea also contain 30mg of caffeine per serving.

skinny boo detox tea

How does Skinny Boo Detox Tea Work?

Skinny Boo Detox Tea works by utilizing its main ingredients that will help your body to detoxify toxins, prevents diseases and lose weight.

Oolong tea is the primary ingredient of Skinny Boo Detox Tea. Oolong has been a known medicinal health tea in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

More studies have confirmed that oolong can help improve overall health by preventing cancers, stress, regulates blood sugar levels, improving bone and skin health, and of course better weight management.

Oolong tea is known to boost metabolism, promotes fat oxidation and helps burn fats for energy.

skinny boo detox tea

Cinnamon is a type of spice that is likewise beneficial to health. It is known to help calm heartburn, indigestion, improves energy levels, vitality and circulation. These benefits are caused by cinnamon’s calcium and fiber content.

Lemon myrtle on the other hand is an antioxidant-packed compound that is commonly used in tea blends and beverages. Since it has antioxidants, it can help strengthen your immune system, reduces stress and anxiety tendencies.

Mate green or more known as yerba mate, is another antioxidant compound that can help boost immunity, slows down aging while reducing stress and insomnia.

Lastly, nettle leaves are known to help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies and improving your prostate health. But unknown to many, nettle leaves also features weight loss benefits as it can help boost metabolism and can produce a mild laxative effect.

Is Skinny Boo Detox Tea Safe?

Just like traditional slimming and health teas that you often see in the market, Skinny Boo Detox Tea is also generally safe for most adult dieters as it contains only natural herbs that are known beneficial to health.

But since Skinny Boo Detox Tea has ingredients that contains natural caffeine, consumption should also be in moderation as it can trigger jittery side effects such as headache, dizziness, and many others.

You only have to consume two Skinny Boo Detox Tea cups, which is not harmful to health. Most tea drinkers can take 3 to four cups a day. This dosage ensures you that Skinny Boo Detox Tea is fairly safe for your health.

Recommended Dosage

Each pack contains 30 biodegradable pyramid bags. You can drink 2 cups a day for a 15-day detox program. Drink the tea every morning and evening, but only if you forget to take the tea in the morning.

Infuse 1 bag with freshly boiled water and brew for at least 5 minutes for a great cup of Skinny Boo. You can add a spoonful of honey to taste depending on your preferences.

Do not exceed this recommended servings unless approved by your physician or healthcare provider.


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