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Proactol XS

About the Product

A fat binder in essence, Proactol XS is a three in one weight loss supplement that has quickly achieved global fame. Based on a scientifically proven and highly researched formula, it combines the best in business weight loss ingredients with some of the highest manufacturing standards to deliver a complete weight loss experience.

Proactol XS is an upgraded version of its predecessor, Proactol Plus. However, while the previous product lacked a bit of quality and caused some unwanted side effects, the latest offering is pure class and is completely safe to use. Moreover, the new and advanced formula is also more effective and burns fat up to 27.4% more (according to the manufacturer).

With its 3 in 1 formula and highly efficient ingredients, Proactol XS has the potential to be the perfect weight loss supplement. According to those who have used it, it delivers instant yet manageable results without causing any side effects what so ever. Moreover, the fact that Proactol XS is reasonably priced further increases its appeal.



  • Lose Weight Safely and Effectively
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight Level
  • Clinically Proven and Backed By Studies
  • Control Your Food Cravings
  • Improves digestive system
  • Fast Acting – Fat Binder Active within Minutes


1 capsule Proactol XS contains 500mg chitosan (biopolymer N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine) from Aspergillus niger mycelium.

Other components: Magnesium Stearate, Silica; capsule: Hypromellose (HPMC), Titanium Dioxide. No preservatives. No gluten, lactose, milk protein or cholesterol. No raw materials of animal origin.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

How it works

Proactol XS contains a natural source of fibres that bind fat from your food into molecules too big to be absorbed by your body. By reducing your daily fat intake, Proactol XS allows you to lose weight quickly, effectively and safely, whilst still enabling you to enjoy your favourite foods.

Backed by over 40 clinical studies showing it to be more effective than any other fat binder, Proactol XS is a natural, safe and powerful weight loss solution.

Getting enough fat in your diet is essential. Many people make the mistake of thinking that to lose weight they must eliminate fat from their diet entirely. But not eating the right, nutritious foods containing the right, healthy fats can be detrimental to your weight loss, and your health. Proactol XS will help you keep your fat intake in healthy check, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods, guilt free.

Proactol XS contains Chitosan, a natural, fibrous substance. Fibre is well known for its ability to help fill you up. During clinical trials, Proactol XS was found to significantly increase the feeling of fullness after eating, meaning that not only will Proactol XS reduce your fat intake, but it can also help to reduce your food cravings, allowing you more control over your eating habits.


Directions of Use



Don't Eat

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