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Pro Thermogenic Diablo

Looking for a powdered dietary supplement that promises rapid weight loss? If yes, then Pro Thermogenic Diablo is designed to provide such benefit.

Primarily a fat burner, this devilish brand is known to incinerate body fat with ease while boosting your energy levels and reducing your appetite.

However, I found some disturbing facts that tells otherwise. Can this highly touted brand truly deliver results? Can it trigger significant weight loss without crash?

Read on and learn more if Pro Thermogenic Diablo is truly deserving of your health investment.

What is Pro Thermogenic Diablo?

Pro Thermogenic Diablo is owned and distributed by ANS Performance, a weight loss and sports nutrition supplement manufacturer that is based in the US.

Intimidating brand names are now a trend in both sports nutrition and weight loss industry. Diet pills such as Yellow Demons and The Ripper  are just the few devilish products online that might easily ring a bell when searching for a fat burner.

ANS Performance uses the same tactic by using aggressive brand names such as Diablo Inferno, Crexcel, Ritual and many others.

As aforementioned above, this dietary powdered supplement is primary a fat burner that also supports other areas of weight loss. The health benefit claims include the following:

  • Enhances focus and overall brain function
  • Boosts energy and metabolism levels
  • Target and release stubborn fat for energy
  • Promotes appetite reduction
  • Maximizes fat loss and overall weight loss
  • Improves physical performance

Unlike other fat blasting formulas out there, Pro Thermogenic Diablo claims that it can provide immediate and effective results by utilizing its six key mechanisms of action. Read on to learn more about this formula.

Pro Thermogenic Diablo Ingredients

Like most fat burning supplements, Pro Thermogenic Diablo is also packed with known and natural slimming ingredients.

Its four main ingredients are green coffee bean extract (150mg per serving), choline bitartrate (250mg per serving), L-Carnitine (500mg per serving), and adilase (125mg per serving).

This brand also has a formula called Diablo Inferno Complex, which is composed of caffeine, B-Phenylethylamine HCL, evodia rutaecarpa extract, higenamine HCL, eLMn8 alchemilla vulagris extract, olive leaf extract, aframomum melegueta seed extract and hordenine HCL.

Its inactive ingredients are citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, calcium silicate, silicon dioxide and acesulfame potassium.

So How does Pro Thermogenic Diablo Work?

Pro Thermogenic Diablo works by utilizing its primary formula called “the Core Four”. These are choline bitartrate, green coffee bean, adilase and L-Carnitine. These four combines for a total of 1,025mg per serving dosage (exclusive of its Diable Inferno Complex).

According to ANS Performance website, choline bitartrate uses a combination of caffeine, carnitine and choline supplementation, which is touted to help reduce body fat, serum leptin concentration and increases fat utilization for energy in animal studies.

Leptin is a protein hormone that helps regulate energy intake and expenditure (includes appetite, metabolism, behavior and hunger). Choline is known to help improve athletic performance and plays a big role in the oxidation of fatty acids.

Adilase is claimed to be a specialized extract of hemerocallis fulya. This herb functions as a fat releasing agent, stimulating fat cells to be released into your bloodstream.

ANS Performance claims that its adilase ingredient is not a conventional stimulant fat burner because it doesn’t trigger any resistance inside the body (lipolytic catecholamine resistance). Adilase is strategically combined with caffeine to help improve fat release sensitivity in low-responding fat storage cells. This means that your body will have more fat burning capacity than any other common stimulants.

Next is green coffee bean extract. This herb extract is a know slimming ingredient due to its potent compound called chlorogenic acid. This chemical has been shown to inhibit an enzyme (glucose-6-phosphate) which is involved in the release of sugar for energy use.

When your body can’t produce energy from glucose, it will go for an alternative source, which is fat. So the more you get chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean, the more you can lose body fat that translates to safe weight loss.

Lastly, Pro Thermogenic Diablo contains L-Carnitine, a known amino acid and fat burning compound.

As a fat burner, L-Carnitine is responsible for transporting fat into the cells that will be then used for energy by your body. In conjunction of this benefit, L-Carnitine also helps increase energy and metabolic levels.

Aside from these Core Four formula, Pro Thermogenic Diablo also contains some amounts of caffeine anhydrous, higenamine, olive leaf extract, hordenine HCL and B-Phenylethylamine HCL to name a few. All of these are known beneficial to either weight loss or physical performance enhancement.

So Can Pro Thermogenic Diablo Deliver Results?

With over a thousand milligram of known slimming ingredients, you are probably thinking that Pro Thermogenic Diablo is quite a very potent slimming supplement.

Well, that is not the case. There is a BIG DOUBT on Pro Thermogenic Diablo’s overall efficacy. Below are the reasons why:

Is Pro Thermogenic Diablo Safe?

The answer to that is NO!

Pro Thermogenic Diablo is packed with heavy stimulants that is not ideal for every dieters. Allergic reactions can be triggered such as vomiting, dizziness, headache, nausea, palpitations and many others.

Plus, this powdered dietary supplement contains B-Phenylethylamine HCL, a type of phentermine compound. This natural but unsafe compound is known to trigger satiety effects. You can learn more about phen phentermine here.

So Pro Thermogenic Diablo is not the most ideal supplement for you. If you are insisting on taking this supplement, then you are encouraged to consult your doctor first before you use this brand.

Pro Thermogenic Diablo Review Summary

Pro Thermogenic Diablo might seem a potent fat burning product as it features heavily lies on its aggressive labeling and high dosage formula.

But the truth is that, it doesn’t give a big punch when it comes to weight loss. It also increases your risk of side effects because of stimulants.

In contrast, Pro Thermogenic Diablo might give some measures of energy increase, but will never help suppress your appetite as it heavily claims online.

I am rating this supplement as “NOT RECOMMENDED” due to the following reasons:


  • Natural formula
  • Can trigger energy increase
  • Might help enhance focus and brain functions
  • 30- days money back guarantee


  • Limited information
  • Limited customer testimonials
  • Contains unsafe ingredient
  • Side effect reports
  • Inefficacy reports
  • A little bit pricey – $30.86


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