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Pro-Fusion Core X-F1

About the product

Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 is owned by a company called MBRX Supplements and is exclusively retailed at Amazon. As aforementioned above, this diet pill is a thermogenic and fat burning product.

Designed specifically to burn body fat and claimed to be ideal for both men and women, Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 also provides muscle preservation benefits and other anabolic effects.

Some of its claimed benefits include the following:

  • Increase energy and ramp up metabolism
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Balances mood and enhance well-being
  • Sharp mental focus support without jitters
  • Eliminates excess water and body fat
  • Sugar blocker absorption

These claims are based on the product’s “Inter Core Fusion Tec” which has 9 stages. These details however, came from its Amazon sales page as its official website is currently not live as of writing this review.


pro-fusion core x-f1 ingredientsLike most dietary supplements, Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 contains only natural herb extracts that are known to provide slimming effects.

The primary ingredient of this diet pill is garcinia cambogia fruit extract, which is dosed at 1,000mg per serving.

Other ingredients include chromium, green tea leaf, caffeine anhydrous, coleus forskohlii root extract, raspberry ketone powder, cayenne powder, advantra Z citrus aurantium extract and green coffee bean extract.

Its inactive ingredients are microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and hypromellose (capsule shell).

Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 doesn’t have artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or harmful chemicals.

How does Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 Work?

Based from its Amazon sales page, Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 works by releasing its powerful formula to work synergistically in your body to focus on your fat stores.

Next is to give you more energy and mental alertness. Once this is achieved, you can enhance your mood and overall mental function, while it helps promote healthy appetite regulation.

Lastly, it readies your body’s multiple energy pathways and systems that will lead to aggressive mobilization of fat that is going to be burned for fuel.

So how its formula provide the aforementioned processes? Lets find out how its main ingredient works for weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Slimming Properties

Garcinia cambogia is probably one of the most popular slimming agent today due to its ability to inhibit fat storage while promoting satiety.

The main compound that is said to have tremendous health and slimming properties is called HCA or hydroxycitric acid. The suggested role of this compound is that, it can help inhibit lipogenesis, increase lipid oxidation and reduce food intake.

Garcinia cambogia is truly a very enticing health fruit. Aside from its claimed weight loss properties, this fruit is also believed to provide stunning health benefits as well such as bowel disorders, joint pain, improving physical performance and many others.

In Amazon alone, you can find hundreds of garcinia cambogia diet pill brands that promises rapid and safe weight loss. However, there are only a handful of products that can truly deliver results.

Aside from garcinia cambogia, Pro-Fusion Core X-F1 also contains known stimulants such as bitter orange, caffeine, green tea and green coffee bean. These extracts works directly to your central nervous system, stimulating your body to trigger performance enhancing effects.

These stimulating agents can elevate both your energy and metabolic levels, which leads to more fat burning processes. These ingredients can also help improve blood circulation, which can help improve your cardiovascular health and other systems in your body.

Coleus forskohlii extract on the other hand, is known to be beneficial for both sexual and cardiovascular health. Though there are some research about its anti-obesity effects, these studies were never proven favorable to weight loss.

Chromium and bitter orange (advantra citrus aurantium) are both beneficial for diabetes as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. These two ingredients also helps reduce your sugar cravings.


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