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Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic

About he product

Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic is from a US health supplement company called Eden Pond Labs LLC. This particular diet pill is designed to boost your metabolism, support muscle development and provide you with lots of energy for continuous weight loss and an ultra-ripped physique.

This brand is also thermogenic as it is comprised of the most potent stimulant ingredients known in the weight loss industry. Below are some of its health claims:

  • Powerful fat burner
  • Designed for physically active individuals
  • Advanced lipolytic and thermogenic properties
  • Enhances metabolism and mental focus
  • Helps maintain muscle mass while supporting growth
  • Provides energy and healthy blood flow

While Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic looks promising, there are several shortcomings that make this brand questionable.


Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic is composed of natural ingredients that are all known in the weight loss industry.

Each serving of Oxy5001 contains 950mg of grape seed extract, advantra Z, yerba mate, green tea extract, citrus aurantium, ginger, guarana extract and L-Tyrosine.

Aside from the above’s proprietary blend, Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and magnesium.

Oxy5001 mega thermogenic ingredients

How does Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic Work?

Unfortunately, you will never find any single information online about the true nature of this supplement. There are no published studies or explanation on how this diet pill truly works for both weight loss and bodybuilding.

Eden Pond Labs only suggests that this brand is a thermogenic supplement, which will provide you energy, fat burning and other ways that will help you lose weight.

Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic is also designed to open up blood vessels for maximal nutrient delivery and energy. With superior thermogenic  delivery system, this diet pill will support your workout needs for energy, giving you that extra push on your workout limits.

How are these possible? These properties are possible through its powerful stimulant content, though there are no caffeine included in its proprietary formula. Stimulants may come from guarana, green tea, advantra Z and citrus aurantium.

So Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic is packed with stimulants with questionable amounts. Excessive stimulant intake may trigger adverse health effects such as nausea, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath and many others.

Plus, both advantra Z and citrus aurantium have been associated with dozens of health side effects in the past, just like how ephedra got banned in the market by the FDA (though both ingredients are still legit to use).


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