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NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract

About the Product

  • The leading brand of Garcinia cambogia. Industry-best products backed by our knowledgeable staff of customer support specialists have made NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia a best seller in natural weight management supplements
  • Contains HCA, which has been studied for its potential to decrease body fat and curb appetite.* Our Garcinia cambogia is non-stimulating, making it a preferred alternative to other weight management products that can carry undesired side effects
  • Third party tested for purity and potency. 100% pure Garcinia cambogia standardized to 60% HCA, with naturally occurring calcium and potassium. 500 mg per capsule. 180 vegetarian capsules per bottle. Non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free
  • Personalized customer support. With every NatureWise purchase our customers gain access to our team of highly trained service professionals, available to help with questions about any of our health products
  • Made in the USA. NatureWise is an NSF certified company and our Garcinia cambogia supplements are made adhering to the highest GMP standards of product integrity.

Best Features:


Helps Suppress Your Appetite

NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract can help suppress your appetite, so you do not eat as much throughout the day. In return, this can lead to natural weight loss.

Free of Harsh Stimulants

This product is free of harsh stimulants and it does not contain any fillers or binders.

Help You Burn More Fat

NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract can help you naturally burn body fat. All you have to do is take it three times a day, approximately two hours before you eat.

Contains Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This product contains 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract – this is an ingredient that many people use in order to manage their weight.

This ingredient may also help lower your cholesterol levels and increase serotonin levels.

The Best Feature About NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia Extract:

While there are many good features, the best one is the fact that it can help you lose weight.

When you combine this product with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise, you could lose up to three times more weight than you would if you exercised on a regular basis without this product.


  • 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract (500mg)  
  • Potassium (60mg)
  • Calcium (40mg)
  • Vegetarian Capsule

How it works :

Natural and non-stimulating means all the benefits, without the jitters. NatureWise® Garcinia Cambogia contains HCA, a fruit extract clinically studied for its potential as a fat burner and appetite suppressant. Our formula is guaranteed non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.


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