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Ms. Burn

About the Product

  • Ms. Burn the Premier Fat Burner Designed for Women – Accelerates Fat Loss, Increases Metabolism, and Boosts Energy!
  • NO BS! Clinically dosed, Proven Natural ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract, Bitter Orange Extract, Yohimbe Bark , and more: All-in-One pill per serving.
  • Greatly enhance your results from dieting and exercise, by mobilizing stubborn fat and increasing caloric burn Ms. Burn will make your hard work count for MORE!
  • Quality you can trust, Made in the USA, GMP Certified Facility

What is Ms. Burn?

Ms. Burn is owned and distributed by a company called BesProducts LLC. This supplement can easily be found on Amazon, which features an impressive 100% customer rating approval.

This feat is quite impressive especially if you are an Amazon seller. Supplement do have their own critics but surprisingly, Ms. Burn has none. Are the reviews fake? Probably yes.

Anyway, Ms. Burn Extended Release Fat Burner is a thermogenic dietary supplement that is specifically designed for active women. This means that you will likely benefit from this diet pill if you are physically active individual.

Benefits of using Ms. Burn

  • Effectively elevates your energy and metabolic levels
  • Stimulates thermogenic properties
  • Maximum calorie and fat burning
  • Enhances mood, focus and overall mental sharpness
  • Supports other health benefits

Ms. Burn Ingredients

ms burn ingredientsMs. Burn is packed with glucuronolactone, a compound that is found naturally in the body. All ingredients are all known slimming agents.

Its proprietary blend include caffeine (250mg per serving), green tea leaf extract (200mg per serving), glucuronolactone (150mg per serving), phenethylamine HCL, synephrine caprylate, nettle leaf, niacin, vinpocetine and yohimbe extract.

Its sole inactive ingredient is vegetable cellulose (non-gelatin vegetarian capsule).




How does Ms. Burn Work?

Ms. Burn works by utilizing its proprietary blend. As you can see from above, this dietary supplement is packed with stimulating agents, which is enough to trigger slimming effects.

Caffeine for example is a compound that is mostly found in coffees and teas. This stimulant works directly on your central nervous system, elevating your mood, and overall cognitive function.

Another stimulant phenethylamine is included on Ms. Burn’s formula. Like caffeine, phenethylamine is used for weight loss as a mood enhancer.

Bitter orange (synephrine) is another natural compound that stimulates the nervous system. Bitter orange is also used in various health conditions.

Glucoronolactone on the other hand is known to help improve physical performance and helps increase energy levels.

Laslty, green tea is known as a fat burner and natural thermogenic agent. But green tea is not just your usual fat burner, because it also provides polyphenols called catechins. These compounds are antioxidants that protects your body from harmful free radicals.


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