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MELT Fat Burner

About the product

MELT Fat Burner (or known simply as MELT) is another highly rated fat burner in Amazon. With favorable positive reviews, you just can’t resist to take a second look of this brand.

But are these reviews truly authentic and dependable? Can this product deliver significant weight loss? Or is it another hyped dietary supplement that will never trigger any slimming effects?

Read this review and learn why I am very skeptical about the true potentials of this diet pill. Read on to learn more.

What is MELT Fat Burner?

MELT Fat Burner is a product of LMNITRIX, a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer. Like other fat burners such as BELDT, this supplement offers very limited information online.

Even the official website of LMNITRIX provides little details about MELT Fat Burner. I even got its formula from other online supplement stores.

According to its Amazon sales page, this supplement can help:

  • Trigger thermogenesis (fat burner)
  • Increase metabolism and calorie burning
  • Reduce appetite and food cravings
  • Optimize your workout potential
  • Enhance energy and mental focus

This brand also cost more compared to other dietary pills – $26.79 per bottle on Amazon ($59.99 in LMNITRIX website). Good thing is that, it offers a money back guarantee feature.

MELT Fat Burner Ingredients

melt fat burner ingredientsThis dietary supplement claims that it feature a powerful, yet safe formula. LMNITRIX claims that the ingredient won’t cause you any jitters, nor crash.

Its proprietary blend is composed of L-Carnitine, beta-phenylethylamine HCI, capsimax, dendrobium extract, hordenine HCI, yohimbine extract, higenamine, synephrine and huperzine A.

MELT Fat Burner also contains caffeine anhydrous and choline bitartrate.

Its inactive ingredients include gelatin and titanium dioxide.

With caffeine in its formula, it is quite ironic for LMNITRIX to market MELT Fat Burner as a “no jitter” diet pill brand.

How does MELT Fat Burner Work?

Since this brand has no official details on how it can trigger weight loss, we will then analyze each of its ingredients and see how MELT Fat Burner can deliver slimming effects.

Lets first look at its amino acid L-Carnitine. Carnitine is a popular weight loss agent used mainly for fat burning purposes. This study however, shows that this amino acid is not effective in inhibiting weight loss in mice.

Next is phenylethylamine, a stimulatory transmitter that helps improve mood and increase alertness. Derived from amino acid phenylalanine, this compound is primarily used in both nootropics and weight loss supplements.

But according to Livestrong, phenylethylamine’s value as a weight loss compound has not been substantiated by recorded studies. This means that phenylethylamine is not completely proven to provide weight loss effects, but instead can cause psychoactive effects such as hallucinations.

As a fat burner, MELT Fat Burner also contains capsimax, a term derived from red chili pepper’s capsicum. Experts believe that capsicum is a thermogenic agent, a compound that can truly trigger fat burning effects. However, I clearly show my stand against capsicum in this site over and over again – it is not clinically proven to trigger weight loss.

Next is dendrobium extract, a member of orchid plant family. This plant extract is used mainly for improving athletic performance, hair growth, immune function and many others. However, WebMDindicates that this extract has no weight loss properties.

MELT Fat Burner also contain hordenine. This compound is mostly used by sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplement manufacturers. But with regards to weight loss, research is currently minimal.

According to this study article, hordenine may help people to lose fat and may act as a stimulant of the central nervous system. Since hordenine is a norepinephrine, it can directly affect heart rate, triggers the release of energy stores, increase blood flow and many others. However, hordenine can also trigger high blood pressure if taken in large amounts.

Next ingredient – yohimbe. This plant extract is known to help improve eretile dysfunction, athletic performance, anxiety and many others. However, yohimbine is not completely proven as a weight loss agent and is quite unsafe as it can trigger unwanted side effects.

Like yohimbe, higenamine is another plant chemical that is deemed unsafe by most health experts. According to WebMD, higenamine can affect your cardiovascular health negatively. This compound is marketed for weight loss, physical performance, breathing disorders and many others.

MELT Fat Burner also contain bitter orange (synephrine). This chemical compound primarily stimulates your nervous system which can affect your blood vessels, blood pressure, faster heart beat and many others. Bitter orange is not proven to help trigger weight loss.

Lastly, this supplement contains a plant extract called huperzine. This extract is primarily used for memory enhancement, and increasing energy and alertness. Huperzine is not commonly used for weight loss, though it can help improve your energy levels that you can use to improve your workout routine.

On last note, MELT Fat Burner also contains caffeine which is a powerful stimulant. Caffeine is known to trigger thermogenic effects while enhancing memory, alertness and may even trigger fat burning effects.


LMNITRIX recommends that you take MELT Fat Burner as your dietary supplement for up to eight weeks before discontinuing.

In the morning, take one capsule and another capsule in the mid-afternoon. You need to drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Ensure to allow at least six hours between servings.


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