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Major Curves Belly Fat Burner

About the product

Major Curves Belly Fat Burner is probably owned and distributed online by a company with similar name – Major Curves. This company features different supplement types that deals with body fat such as cream and drops.

Some of the claimed health benefits of Major Curves Belly Fat Burner include:

  • Rids of your body’s stubborn fat
  • Promotes cravings control
  • Boosts your metabolic and energy levels
  • Elevates your focus and overall mental function

According to Major Curves’ website, the Belly Fat Burner is best used if combined with their Butt Enhancement pill. They also claim that this diet pill also ideal for men, though the product seems to be much more suitable for women.

Like most dietary supplements, Major Curves Belly Fat Burner lacks in important information that could have been useful for this review.


This diet drop features a 100% natural formula – green coffee bean extract.

There are no other supporting ingredients in this supplement besides a 20mg per serving of caffeine. Major Curves Belly Fat Burner features a massive 1,600mg per serving of green coffee bean.

Its lone inactive ingredient is vegetable cellulose. This diet pill doesn’t have artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers.

belly fat burner ingredients

How does Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Work?

According to Major Curves official website, their Belly Fat Burner utilizes its massive green coffee bean content to produce slimming effects. They even claim that you can lose weight in a month or less.

The potent compound in Belly Fat Burner is green coffee bean’s chlorogenic acid. This acid helps your body to burn glucose and sugar, which results to more fat being burned as fuel.

This gives you a significant fat reduction in your body, which they claim to work more on the belly.

Plus, Major Curves claim that their supplements use a “time release” technology, which works by ensuring that its ingredients will only work to the midsection, and nowhere else.

This might sound impossible as once you take the tablet, your body will absorb it in your bloodstream and will be distributed all over your system, not just to your belly. So this is quite a bold claim for a not so popular diet pill manufacturer.

Our Time Release Technology ensures that the fat burning ingredients only make it to the midsection and stop there. For best results, take one capsule in the morning and one at night.

Is Major Curves Belly Fat Burner Safe?

Though generally safe, green coffee bean is known as a stimulant due to its caffeine content which makes an unlikely side effect-free ingredient.

Stimulants can cause allergic reactions such as headache, dizziness, vomiting, palpitations, shortness of breath and many others.

The average and proven effective weight loss dosage for green coffee bean is between 700 to 1050mg per day according to WebMD. Major Curves Belly Fat Burner packs a big punch with 1,600mg per day, not to mention its caffeine content.

So, Major Curves Belly Fat Burner is not entirely safe for you especially if you are highly allergic to caffeine.

You need to consult your doctor first before you take Major Curves Belly Fat Burner.


Major Curves recommends that you take two capsules of Belly Fat Burner daily, each with a meal as your dietary supplement.

No other instructions are published online


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