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Labrada Raspberry Ketones

About the Product

As mentioned earlier, Labrada Pure Raspberry Ketones is manufactured and distributed by Labrada Nutrition, a health and fitness supplement company. Pure Raspberry Ketones is just one of its weight loss products along side green coffee, muscle building supplements and many others. Raspberry Ketones is a miracle fruit that offers hundreds of benefits and is widely regarded by Dr. Oz. This is the reason why Labrada chose raspberry ketones as one of its flagship weight loss brand.



Each capsule contains 100mg of pure raspberry ketone extracts, enough to give you its potent health benefits. Other non-active ingredients include maltodextrin, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica and titanium dioxide.

Now you might think that eating the whole fruit will give you similar benefits than taking Labrada Pure Raspberry Ketones. Well, that is actually not a bad idea but the fact is, your stomach can’t consume enough volume of raspberries that are needed to get similar amount of ketone extracts found in raspberry ketones.



  • Increases the liberation of fat from fat stores (known as lipolysis)
  • Improves energy expenditure by activating thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue
  • Increased fat burning (fat oxidation)
  • Increases your hormone adiponectin level
  • Suppresses fat synthesis from fructose overfeeding and
  • Inhibits fat absorption


How it works

Labrada Pure Raspberry Ketones works solely on its raspberry ketone extract content. The all natural compounds in raspberry can help stimulate fat loss while boosting your metabolic rate for further weight loss action.

First off, raspberry ketones has been used for various nutritional and medicinal purposes. One of its benefits is its power to help overcome obesity and its related health complications such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other risk factors.


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