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Hiprolean X-S T5 Fat Burner

About the Product

Hiprolean X-S T5 is produced by Evolution Slimming UK and is one of its top-selling products due to its powerful fat burning properties. These properties are made possible by charging up your body’s fat metabolizing mechanism which will result to a much more slimmer you.

This brand is also known for its appetite suppressing properties which is a crucial aspect of weight loss. A lot of appetite suppressant pills are available in the market but they offer just that, an appetite suppressant. Hiprolean X-S T5 Fat Burner can give you multiple weight loss benefits in one powerful pill.



You are probably thinking that Hiprolean X-S’ potent and effective fat burning qualities contains harmful chemicals. Well, Evolution Slimming is very transparent on its ingredients and hides nothing to the public. This is to give you peace of mind of what this brand can offer you.

Hiprolean X-S T5 Fat Burner have no amphetamine, hormone or ephedra contents, all of which are known compounds that produce harmful side effects. In contrast, this brand contains active ingredients such as dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride, trimethylxanthine (caffeine) and anhydrous. Less active ingredients includes microcrystalline cellulouse and red capsule shell gelatine.

Dimethylpentylamine is found in the family of geranium plants, which is a clinically proven compound that triggers an increase on energy levels, while helping to naturally curb your appetite. Interestingly, dimethylpentylamine is a common compound in body building and performance enhancing supplements, because of its energy boosting and fat loss properties.

The combination of trimethylxanthine and dimethypentylamine results to a more improved mental sharpness. This means that taking Hiprolean X-S T5 Fat Burner won’t just help you lose weight, but will also improve your over-all health.


  • One of the most powerful fat burning properties
  • Enhance your energy levels
  • Effectively curbs your appetite
  • Improves your mental sharpness
  • Activates your body’s thermogenesis process

How it Works

Hiprolean X-S T5 is a brand that you will love because it won’t require you of any restrictive dieting program, unlike any other dietary pills that you had taken before. So if you like to lose weight without any food inhibitions, then Hiprolean X-S T5 Fat Burner is for you.

Since this pill is a potent fat burner, it easily activates your body’s natural thermogenesis, a process that turns fat into energy. Thermogenesis also helps your body burn fat even while you are at rest. This means that you are not just losing weight while working out, but even in post-workout.



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