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What is HerDiet?

HerDiet is owned by a company that carries the same name and is exclusively an Amazon retailer. Like many other diet pills that are specially formulated for women, HerDiet claims it can deliver effective results without side effects.

Some of these health claims include:

  • Increases your energy and metabolic rates
  • Fast acting fat burner
  • Effectively curbs your appetite

The company behind HerDiet recommends you to combine a healthy diet and regular exercise together with this supplement. As you can see, this diet pill seems to be more like a metabolism booster that will help trigger fat burning and appetite suppression.

HerDiet Ingredients

HerDiet is composed of all natural ingredients that are all known in the slimming industry. This brand is dependent on caffeine, which is not unusual considering that this supplement is a fat burner.

The proprietary formula (485mg per serving) is composed of 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine (caffeine), beta-phenylethylamine, synephrine HCI, N-Dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenylethylamine, schizandrol A, 5-HTP, yohimbine HCI and theobromine anhydrous.

How does HerDiet Work?

HerDiet simply utilizes its main proprietary formula to produce weight loss. Based on the ingredients above, HerDiet solely depends on its stimulants, which can trigger metabolism boost and energy elevation.


First, this diet pill contains beta-phenylethylamine, a central nervous system stimulant that cause neurotransmitters in our brains to enhance mental alertness, focus and improved drive.


Along with beta-phenylethylamine, HerDiet contains huge amounts of 1,3,7-Trimethylaxanthine or simply known as caffeine. Caffeine is known as a central nervous system stimulant that can affect emotional, mental and physical aspects of health. More importantly, caffeine can easily energize your body while boosting your metabolic levels.


Next is yohimbine, a herb extract that is widely used in both weight loss and bodybuilding supplements due to its ability to reduce body fat while helps in increasing your epinephrine hormones which are responsible in controlling stress levels.


Synephrine on the other hand (bitter orange) is a known appetite suppressant. Along with HerDiet’s 5-HTP content, both of these ingredients are used to help control your appetite.


Theobromine (chocolate extract) is also used in most weight loss products even though it has no direct association to weight loss. Theobromine is beneficial to cardiovascular system because it acts as a vasodilator.


N-Dimethyl-4-Hydroxyphenylethylamine helps stimulate the release of neropinephrine while boosting your energy and calorie burning.

Schizandrol A

Schizandrol A is used in various health conditions such as depression, anxiety, heart disorders, infections, cancers and even stress. Since it mainly affects your brain function, HerDiet probably used schizandrol A primarily to help improve your cognitive function which is crucial if you want to control your food cravings.


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