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GC Select

About the Product

GC Select is owned by a company called Sure Health Today, which is probably a subsidiary of Difgar Enterprises, a health supplement manufacturer. One of its main products is Zenda Slim, Semen XL, Power H-Max and many others. GC Select is purely formulated with garcinia cambogia fruit extract. This dietary supplement is completely different from Garcinia Combogia Select.



  • Helps drop pounds fast
  • Supports appetite suppression
  • Increases your energy and metabolic levels
  • 100% natural formula
  • May give some measures of weight loss
  • No reports of any side effects
  • 120-day money back guarantee


GC Select is made up of 1,000mg of pure garcinia cabogia extract, with 50% HCA (hydroxycitric acid) potency. It is also packed with 66mg per serving of potassium.

Its inactive ingredients are vegetable capsule, purified water and hypromellose.

gc select ingredients

How it works

Since this brand is all about garcinia cambogia, we need to know how this fruit really works for weight loss.

As I mentioned earlier, garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular slimming ingredient today. It is believed to provide dozens of health benefits and supports a wide array of weight loss benefits.

But there are also some critics about garcinia cambogia’s true health properties. There are people who reported inefficacy and may also cause side effects such as dizzienss, nausea and headache.

But of course, these are just rumors as there are no clinical trials that suggests garcinia cambogia as a harmful fruit (unless of course if taken abusively or wrongfully).

Garcinia cambogia was first known for its digestive system enhancing benefits. It is used for diarrhea, stomach pain, joint pain, treating worms and parasites, and helps empty the bowel.

Through extensive research, experts discovered its active compound hydroxycitric acid, to have powerful slimming properties.

HCA became known as a weight loss agent since then, which is the reason why garcinia cambogia rose to fame significantly over the decade.

According to experts, garcinia cambogia’s HCA can help prevent fat storage, supports appetite control, increase exercise endurance, energy levels and many others.


Directions of Use

Sure Health recommends that you take two, 1,000mg capsules, twice per day to help maximize the immediate and long-term weight loss properties of GC Select.


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