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Forskolin X-Factor

About the product

Forskolin X-Factor is owned and distributed by a company called RebornLabs. Curiously, this product is not included on the company’s official website.

As aforementioned above, this supplement has tons of favorable reviews online. With large numbers of good reviews, most of them sounds more likely to be scam, fake or invented.

Like many other diet pills, Forskolin X-Factor claims that it can provide weight loss in key major areas such as:

  • Promotes rapid fat loss
  • Supports appetite reduction
  • Helps improve digestive health
  • Enhances brain function

Though this product is not featured on its official website, I was able to gather limited information about Forskolin X-Factor through various product review sites and Amazon.


forskolin x-factor ingredientsForskolin X-Factor is packed with single herb extract and that is obviously coleus forskohlii. Its proprietary blend provides 125mg per serving of coleus forkohlii root extract.

Its inactive ingredients are calcium carbonate, gelatin, titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate.

As you can see, there are no other supporting ingredients for this product and is solely relying on the slimming power of coleus forkohlii extract. It doesn’t feature any thermogenic agents or other kinds of appetite suppressing herbs.

How does Forskolin X-Factor Work?

Forskolin X-Factor has no exact explanation on how it works for weight loss. Since this is the case, I will give some details on how forskohlii extract provide health-improving effects.

According to some scientific research about forskohlii, the herb is indeed health beneficial for various conditions.

Some suggest that it can help boost testosterone levels in men, which may help improve sexual health while providing anabolic effects (strength, stamina enhancement, muscle size increase, etc.).

Other reports indicate that this herb can improve erectile dysfunction, certain heart condition, asthma and many others.

But most clinical lab tests shows that forkohlii extract doesn’t improve energy and metabolic levels. Without any metabolism increase, your body won’t be able to burn fat or even increase energy levels.

Is it Safe?

I found no side effect reports for Forskolin X-Factor online. Coleus forskohlii, being a herb extract, is naturally safe for human consumption though you still have to be cautious when taking it especially pregnant women (not for pregnant women actually) or individuals that are allergic to it.

It is encouraged to consult your doctor first before you take Forskolin X-Factor.


Reborn Labs recommends that you take 1 capsule of Forskolin X-Factor daily, or as directed by your physician.

No other instructions are published online.


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