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About the Product

FedraBlaze is a fat burner/thermogenic supplement that is designed to keep your fat in check, while reducing your appetite, boosting your energy and improving your overall physical performance. FedraBlaze is owned by Sutra Health and is an exclusive retailer at Amazon.



  • Burns fat and calories, fast
  • Boosts your energy and metabolic levels
  • Reduces appetite
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Impressive combination of formula
  • May provide short-term weight loss


FedraBlaze is a supplement that is based on natural ingredients. So it doesn’t have to undergo FDA approval as it is not considered as medicine, but as herbal supplements.

This brand features three types of formula – Energy, Heat and Muscle Blends.

For Energy Blend, it features caffeine, xanthinol nicotinate and codonopsis pilosula extract. Its Heat Blend is composed of green tea, white tea, inositol hexaphosphate, evodia rutaecarpa and black pepper (bioperine).

Lastly, FedraBlaze’s Muscle Blend include deanol acetamidobenzoate, troxerutin, cinidium monnieri, aspidosperma euqbrachoblanco, inula racemosa, white willow bark and yohimbe.

Its inactive ingredients are medium chain triglycerides, gelatin, soy lecithin, glycerol monostearate, paprika extract and soy mixed tocopherols.

fedrablaze ingredients


How it works

FedraBlaze works by utilizing its three ingredient blends. Obviously, it offers to help you boost energy, promotes thermogenesis (heat) and supports muscle toning and development.

For energy blend, FedraBlaze contains xanthinol nicotinate is a clinically proven memory enhancer while caffeine is one of the most widely used energy boosting compound in the weight loss industry due to its stimulating effects.

Codonopsis on the other hand is another stimulant that affects your central nervous system. Though it can boost your energy levels as caffeine does, it however promotes weight gain, not weight loss.

Combining these three ingredients for FedraBlaze’ Energy Blend can indeed help increase your energy levels.

For the Heath Blend, FedraBlaze features white tea, green tea and combined with bioperine, are three of the most renowned fat burning agents in the slimming market.

Evodia rutaecarpa has been known to show some measures of weight loss. However, inositol hexaphosphate has no relation to weight loss whatsoever but it does act as an antioxidant agent (anti-cancer).

Lastly, FedraBlaze presents its Muscle Blend. Ingredients such as deanol acetamidobenzoate, cinidium monnieri and yohimbe, are all known to stimulate your production of testosterone, improves memory, physical performance and aid in overall sexual health.

White willow bark is a known muscle pain reliever, so it can help you a lot in post-workout muscle soreness. Troxerutin on the other hand is a medicinal compound (yes, this is not natural) that is known to enhance insulin sensitivity, which stimulates your body to get lean, toned and promote muscle growth.

Last ingredient for Muscle Blend is inula racemosa. This extract also promotes weight loss but it is much known for its cardiovascular health benefits. So this herb is actually beneficial for your workout routines.


Directions of Use

As your dietary supplements, take one capsule with 8 to 10 oz of water, twice daily, 30 to 60 minutes before meals.

On training days, take 1 of the 2 daily servings prior to workout. Start use with only 1 capsule, twice daily to assess tolerance and response for the first three days, then gradually increase dosage.

Don’t consume more than 2 capsules in a 4-hour period and/or consume more than 4 capsules in 24 hours. Do not take within four hours of bedtime.

Drink at least ten 8 oz glasses of water per day. You are encouraged to read warnings published on its label and only use as directed.



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