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Fasted 14 Day Weight Loss Tea

Fasted Tea claim that it can help you lose that stubborn fat especially those in your midsection. Sounds interesting?

There are probably thousands of herbal teas out there in the market today, and most of these tea blends are either designed for slimming or disease prevention (therapeutic effects).

Fasted Tea is not an exemption. It is primarily formulated to help people lose weight fast, just like most ordinary slimming tea products online. But can this tea brand truly deliver results?

Read on and see if this tea can trigger some measures of weight loss for you.

What is Fasted Tea?

Fasted Tea is owned by a company with the same name – Fasted LLC. This tea was only distributed mainly for US residents. But because of its claimed “effectiveness”, this slimming tea is now available to everyone who want to lose weight naturally.

Some of its claimed health benefits include:

  • Effectively burns fat
  • Helps regulate your mood, focus and mental functions
  • Increases your energy and metabolic rate
  • Provides powerful antioxidants

As its claim suggests, Fasted Tea seems to be a perfect slimming product for your weight loss needs. However, the official website of this tea offers very limited information.

Details such as its ingredients are not listed on its official website and you also won’t find it anywhere online. There are also no details on how this slimming tea works for weight loss.

The good thing about Fasted Tea is its refund benefit. All unopened teas are subject for refund if you are not completely satisfied with the results.

A 14-day weight loss tea will only cost you $19.99, but you can get discounts if you purchase in bulk.

Fasted Tea Ingredients

As aforementioned above, there are no information to be found online regarding Fasted Tea’s ingredients.

However, I was able to get its main ingredients via contacting their customer support. The ingredients are oolong tea extract and green tea extract.

They never gave me the amounts of the said ingredients so I don’t have any idea how potent each tea bag serves.

Fasted Tea Features

Fasted Tea provides no information on how it truly works for weight loss. This is the disadvantage of providing very limited details online, especially if you are selling online.

Good thing that I was able to get its two main ingredients, but still no amounts were given which could identify if the formula of this tea is powerful enough to give weight loss effects.

Let me analyze its two active ingredients to give you some insights on how this tea might actually work.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is clinically proven extract that can provide a number of health benefits.

First, this tea is packed with polyphenols, which doesn’t only strengthen your immune system, but also influences your body’s capacity to control weight.

Next is its caffeine content. Oolong tea is high in caffeine which can help enhance your mental functions, mood, focus and drive. It also help increase your energy and metabolic levels.

Experts suggest that drinking oolong tea instead of high-calorie beverages, combined with exercise and a balanced diet, will lead to successful weight loss.

Green Tea

Like oolong tea, green tea is equally powerful in both weight loss and other health benefits. It is also packed with polyphenols called catechins, which are powerful antioxidants.

Green tea is also known as a fat burner, energy booster and metabolism enhancer. It is also packed with caffeine, which can also help improve your overall mental functions.

So Can Fasted Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is LIKELY for this product. Just like other slimming teas that contains proven ingredients such as green tea or oolong, Fasted Tea may provide significant measures of weight loss and can also help strengthen your immune system.

Not only that, Fasted Tea can also help enhance your cognitive function, memory, focus and mood.

Is Fasted Tea Safe?

Are slimming teas safe? Of course not! Teas are not for everyone and Fasted Tea is not an exemption.

Fasted Tea is packed with caffeine, which can trigger adverse health effects to people who are highly allergic to stimulants. Such side effects include dizziness, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, nervousness and many others.

Plus, this brand has no information regarding its ingredient amounts. So we can’t really tell how much teas are contained in each teabag, unless you purchase the actual product itself.

So to ensure a safe tea supplementation, consult your doctor first before you drink Fasted Tea.


Like other 14-day tea brands, Fasted Tea is designed to last up to 14 days straight, with a 48 hour gap in between cycles.

So for example you have 28 day supply of tea, you need to take two days off after you finished your first 14 days.

This is in accordance to tea’s potency with regards to its caffeine content, so you can avoid unwanted side effects.

For consumption, use one teabag twice a day – one bag in the morning and another bag in the late afternoon. The first bag will be right after waking up or 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

The second bag should be consumed in the afternoon with or without food to help you stay energized and your metabolism going.


  • Natural formula
  • Can provide slimming effects
  • May help improve your overall health (antioxidants)
  • Accepts refund


  • Limited information
  • Limited customer testimonials
  • No information about its formula online
  • Side effects are possible


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