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F-22 Fat Burner

About the Product

F-22 Fat Burner is not the USAF’s latest fighter jet but a dietary supplement that claims to provide various areas of weight loss. F-22 Fat Burner claims that it can help reduce appetite, block fat and boost metabolism. In short, this diet pill is a thermogenic supplement that will help melt your fat while increasing your overall workout rate (energy). F-22 Fat Burner is owned by a company called Just Potent LLC. This company primarily sells affordable dietary pill products and it exclusively retails at Amazon. F-22 Fat Burner is a thermogenic, fat burning diet pill that will help elevate your overall metabolism and energy levels.



  • Increases your energy and metabolism
  • Burns calories and fat fast
  • Reduces appetite
  • Enhances mood, focus, sharpness and mental alertness


f-22 fat burner ingredients

F-22 Fat Burner features an all-natural ingredients, suitable for all types of dieters. Its proprietary formula is dosed at 510mg per serving.

The formula include caffeine, bitter orange, phenylethylamine, guarana seed extract, green tea leaves extract and N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine amino acid.

Its inactive ingredient is vegetable cellulose, nothing else.




How it works

As you can see from the ingredients above, F-22 Fat Burner is packed with stimulating agents that are common in most thermogenic supplements.

Its synephrine content is dosed at 300mg per serving while its caffeine is at 110mg. Not only that, F-22 Fat Burner also features additional stimulant agents – guarana (20mg per serving) and green tea (20mg per serving).

All these ingredients are powerful stimulants which affects your mental and central nervous system, stimulating it to enhance your mental capabilities and your metabolic rate. This results to elevated physical performance and increased fat burning activities.

Green tea extract and L-Carnitine amino acid are both known fat burners while phenylethylamine can help reduce your appetite.


Directions of Use

Take only one capsule daily as your dietary supplement. Do not exceed this one capsule per day.


Don't Eat

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