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Extreme Fat Burner for Her

About the product

Extreme Fat Burner for Her is owned by a company called Weight Imperium. Though this brand looks to be a reputable one due to several factors, I found no official website for this brand and can only be purchased through third party online retailers.

With such limited sources, I can only provide less details about this diet pill and most of it will come from its Amazon sales page.

As aforementioned above, Extreme Fat Burner for Her is a dietary supplement that is exclusively formulated for women. Some of its health claims include:

  • Effectively blocks fat
  • Boosts energy
  • Superb focus

Curiously, fat burning is not one of the claimed benefits of this brand. If so, why is it named “Fat Burner” at all? Read on.


Extreme Fat Burner for Her is packed with natural ingredients that are safe for women.

The proprietary blend of this diet pill is composed of garcinia cambogia, cloves, L-Carnitine, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), inositol, chromium, grapefruit, juniper berries, kelp, cranberries, cinnamon, vitamin C, vitamin B6, curcumin powder, bladderwrack powder and coline bitartate.

Its inactive ingredients are gelatin, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

How does Extreme Fat Burner for Her Work?

Weight Imperium claims that this diet pill can help boost your mental focus and energy levels, while reducing your appetite. As mentioned above, this is not marketed as a fat burner, though its brand name contains the words “fat burner”.

Lets look into its ingredients and see if it can truly help reduce your appetite and trigger energy increase. First off, garcinia cambogia is known to prevent fat storage while suppressing appetite. This means that garcinia’s primary function is to block fat while reducing your food cravings.

Chromium on the other hand, is known to help reduce sugar cravings as it helps regulate blood glucose levels. Berry contents such as juniper, grapefruit and cranberries are known to help increase energy levels while providing other health benefits such as antioxidants.

Kelp works as a laxative as it seems to form a thick and sticky gel when it comes into contact with water. This is the reason why kelp is used for weight loss.

Can Extreme Fat Burner for Her truly help burn fat? Well, there are several ingredients that can help trigger metabolism increase which leads to fat burning processes. These are cinnamon, garcinia cambogia and grapefruit extract.

How about mental focus improvement claim? Well, Extreme Fat Burner for Her contains high amounts of inositol, which is a compound that is mainly used for various mental disorder treatment such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, panic disorder and many others. Inositol is also used for weight loss but there are no conclusive evidence to support that this compound can indeed trigger weight loss.

Overall, this brand can also provide some measures of metabolism increase, and not just about suppressing appetite, memory enhancement and energy increase.

However, cinnamon also stimulates appetite, so it practically triggers the opposite effect that could impact the appetite suppressing claim of this diet pill.

How about Safety?

Extreme Fat Burner for Her seems to have a safe ingredients, except for one – kelp.

According to WebMD, kelp is UNSAFE because it contains iodine that can harm your thyroid. Plus, kelp works as a laxative which in turn can affect your health negatively if taken in high doses.

So Extreme Fat Burner for Her is not completely a side effect-free diet pill even though it features 100% natural ingredients.

I found no side effect reports online. So before you decide to try this pill, it is best to consult your doctor first before you take Extreme Fat Burner for Her.


Weight Imperium recommends that you take one capsule, 30 minutes before your small meal or two capsules before your large meal.

No other instructions are published online.


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