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Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder

Looking for amino acid supplement? L-Glutamine in particular? If yes, then Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder by Bauer Nutrition might be the best product that you are looking for.

L-Glutamine is best used by bodybuilders to primarily improve their energy levels and athletic performance. Some use this amino acid to strengthen their immune system against diseases such as viral infections.

If you think that you truly need L-Glutamine for your bodybuilding program, then read this review and learn if Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder can truly provide the results you desire.

What is Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder?

Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder is owned and distributed by supplement company giant Bauer Nutrition. Along with the company’s other sports nutrition products such as HMB, Amino Blast 1500, Creatine Ethyl Ester and many others, Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder is the standalone brand that carries pure L-Glutamine formula.

This product is in powder form and is designed to support your overall bodybuilding program. Some of the health claims of Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder include:

  • Helps intensifies your workouts
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Supports weight loss

How does L-Glutamine Work?

To learn how Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder work, we first need to know what L-Glutamine is and how it benefits your body. After all, Bauer Nutrition claims that this product is composed of pure L-Glutamine, nothing else.

Glutamine is a common form of amino acid that can be found in your muscles and can be produced naturally by your body. Like other amino acids in human system, glutamine plays a key role in transporting nitrogen to your muscle cells.

During training or exercise, you lose significant amounts of glutamine which results to fatigue, increase in recovery time and reduced strength. You are also highly susceptible to infections after intense workouts due to glutamine loss.

Taking L-Glutamine supplements can reverse the effects of glutamine loss in the body during training. It can reduce recovery time, gives you more energy, strength and improved stamina, while promoting protein synthesis.

L-Glutamine will also help protect you from having viral infections after intense workouts or sporting events because it replenishes the body’s lost glutamine, which in turn strengthens the immune system.

Now you might think that L-Glutamine is just a “conditionally” essential amino acid because your body can produce it naturally and that you might not need supplementation. While this is true, bodybuilders, athletes and physically active individuals do need L-Glutamine due to the significant loss of glutamine in the body after workouts.

During times of stress such as post-illness situations, your glutamine levels are also significantly low. Thus, you need supplementation through a healthy diet or taking supplements such as Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder.

Aside from these primary benefits, L-Glutamine is also the king of amino acids due to its ability to prevent muscle loss after hard exercise. This results to a much rapid recuperation while providing anabolic effects by producing positive nitrogen balance in cells. This help assists the use of protein that leads to faster tissue repair and rebuilding.

Providing a pure L-Glutamine formula, Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder can easily provide you the aforementioned benefits. If you are physically active individual and needs workout support, this product from Bauer Nutrition is all you need.

Is Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder Safe?

L-Glutamine is safe for human supplementation. It is much more recommended for people who are physically active such as athletes and bodybuilders.

Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder has no known side effects so far. There are no reports of adverse health effects or any type of unfavorable reviews online.

To ensure a safe supplementation, you may consult your doctor first and see if Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder is completely safe for your health.


Bauer Nutrition recommends you to take 5g of Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder per day. Mix 1 teaspoon of powder in 250ml of warm water or juice and drink immediately.

Best taken within 30 minutes of a workout. Alternatively, take between meals (away from food).

Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder Review Summary

Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder is one of thousands of L-Glutamine supplements in the market today. But what makes Body Fuel L-Glutamine Powder stand out from the rest? It is from a reputable, UK-based company – Bauer Nutrition!

If its from Bauer Nutrition, it is guaranteed that you are getting real L-Glutamine and is unlikely to trigger any kind of side effects.


  • Pure glutamine formula
  • Helps improve energy levels and immune system
  • Provides some measures of anabolic effects
  • May help improve athletic performance
  • Supports other health benefits
  • Tons of favorable reviews online
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Best if combined with other amino acids
  • Can only be purchased online
  • Quite pricey – £24.95


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