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About the product

Anoretix is another popular diet pill that is known as an appetite suppressant. Recently, the manufacturer added some more claims that it can increase your metabolic rate while effectively blocking carbs and fat.

Across the web, there are mixed reactions with regards to this product. Some people regards this slimming product as very overrated, while others are giving it a high rating for their reviews.

From the same company that brought you Decaslim – Gadd Formulas, LLC.

What is Anoretix?

Anoretix is a dietary pill that claims to help suppress your appetite effectively and safely. It thrives with its 9 organic ingredients formulated to help you lose weight, not by just appetite suppression, but also through fat and block absorption.

In my view, the name Anoretix came from a similar word anorectic or anorexic, which means “loss of appetite”. The brand name is quite a simple trick used widely in the marketing industry. This help gives Anoretix a simple reputation of being an “appetite suppressant” product that is easy to remember and understand.

If you go to its official website, it is bombarded with success stories right from the top of its home page, which is very odd considering that it is a diet pill site. It should primarily show some information about the diet pill itself and some proof on how it works for weight loss.

Instead, you will see more testimonials that are more like anecdotal stories. You won’t see any clinical proof or explanation on how the product works. The only explanation you will see are its ingredient highlights, which are not completely pertaining to Anoretix itself.

Ingredients of Anoretix

This dietary pill is composed of 9 key ingredients that are said to help you lose weight fast, without containing any caffeine. Most of these ingredients can also be found on other diet pills. So to learn more how this brand works, take a closer look at its 9 main ingredients below.

Super Citrimax

When it comes to appetite suppression and fat burning efficiency, super citrimax is said to be more effective than placebo. This compound works by boosting your levels of serotonin hormones, which are responsible in managing your appetite.


Advantra-Z is from bitter orange extracts (citrust aurantium). Bitter orange-based diet pills are known as a fat burners and appetite suppressants. Independent lab tests shows that Advantra-Z supports beta-3 cell receptors which helps triggers thermogenesis for more fat burning action.


ChromeMate is a patented form of Chromium Picolinate, which primarily helps control blood sugar in the body. Chromemate are known to help lessen your carbohydrate cravings. However, some health institutes disagrees with this claim due to non-effectiveness of chromemate in various weight loss tests.


Phase-2 is a compound that helps block carbohydrates and is found in white kidney bean extracts. It helps inhibits enzyme that converts starch into glucose and into fat.


NeOptunia is a fiber complex that helps bind fats, preventing any build up of fat storage inside the body. NeOpuntia is from Nopal Cactus plant and is said to be safe for consumption.


Tonalin CLA:3 can help reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

7-Keto DHEA

7-Keto DHEA is a natural metabolizer of DHEA, which helps trigger thermogenesis for more efficient fat burning activities.

ForsLean 95% Forshohili

ForsLean 95% Forshohili is an extract from Coleaus Forskohlii, a compound that is said to help lose weight but protecting muscle mass. So taking both Tonalin and ForsLean can help you lose weight but effectively maintains lean muscles.


BioPerine is a patented form of black pepper and is one of the most widely used slimming pill ingredient due to its energy boosting properties.


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