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About the Product

Adiphene made good credentials and made to the top of the dietary pill industry. It is an herbal product that acts as an effective alternate to Adipex.

Produced by RDK Global, one of the world leading weight loss pharma companies that gave you the best-selling Phen375, this weight loss pill reduces fat by exploiting through various strategies and methods. It works in 5 different angles and makes use of 12 different ingredients. Adiphene is a sophisticated dietary pill, which makes certain on visible results and have the distinction of being a multi-purpose dietary supplement!


Adiphene is made of a novel hodgepodge of natural ingredients. The capsule gains its power and strength from modern and carefully chosen ingredients that are all known to aid weight loss. It is capable of increasing your body’s rate of breaking and burning fat.

As the foremost rate of metabolism increases, weight loss becomes a lot easier and swift. Adiphene does not require you to starve or remain without food for long durations. The perfect body can be attained with a regular intake of food.

However, to get the benefits of this potent product, you have to consume Adiphene capsules as directed and indicated by its manufacturer. This makes your weight loss program as painless and trouble free as possible!

Adiphene can help burn fat 5x than your regular average dietary pill. Its properties includes 3 fat metabolizers, a fat binder, 1 appetite reducer, 2 thermogenic boosters and 5 stimulants. Over-all, it comprises of 12 powerful and potent weight loss ingredients to give you that long lasting positive result.


Chromium Picolinate

This pill has Chromium Picolinate. This foremost compound has the power to increase the efficiency and activity of insulin. Insulin is known to have a radical impact on your weight. With chromium picolinate, your insulin levels will be much stable which will lead to a stress-free weight loss program.

Guarana Extracts

Another active and essential ingredient in Adiphene is guarana extracts. This juicy element will speed up your metabolic rate which would be executed in the body effortlessly! If you are suffering from nominal rates of metabolism, you can make use of Adiphene due to its guarana content, to enlighten up your daily routines.

It is a magical chemical that is capable of toning your body with the help of natural strategies. As mentioned, Guarana in Adiphene works miracles by effecting the body’s metabolic reactions.

Cacao Extracts

Every single bottle of Adiphene has at least 10mg of cacao extracts. This dark brown extracts are rich source of polyphenols which help reduces the size of fat stores. The chemical structure attacks fat molecules and breaks them into smaller pieces through “Fat metabolism” process.

Panax Ginseng Roots

Ever heard of how panax ginseng roots works? Hear it from the all-in-one Adiphene. This powerful capsule is formulated to be a fat burning machine with the help of Ginseng Panax root extracts. The root extracts have been used for centuries and is is capable of regulating carbohydrate metabolism.

Cinnamon Extracts

The list of effective weight loss supplement extracts will remain incomplete without cinnamon extract! This is present in many dietary pills. This pill brand uses cinnamon extracts to reduce harmful glycemic effect.

The proprietary formula fights against blood sugar and slows down the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Additionally, as more glucose gets converted into energy, the formation of fat would be reduced by considerable amounts!

Cayenne Capsicum

This potent capsule has cayenne capsicum from the red hot chili vegetables which usually makes you sweat due to its hot and spicy properties. This makes the journey towards weight loss a lot easier and steadfast. More calories will be burnt as the body regulates its homeostasis.

Chitosan Extracts

Chitosan extracts in another famous ingredient in Adiphene. This weight loss formula is made perfectly with this extract. Chitosan binds fat and moves it through the digestive track. In this process of removal, the blood stream absorbs fatty acids. Thus, the accumulation of fat near the belly gets reduced.

Vitamin B6

Every weight loss supplement depends on the activities of vitamins. Adiphene is rich with Vitamin B6, one of the oldest and most powerful boosters amongst weight loss pills. Vitamin B6 in Adiphene metabolizes food and converts belly fat into energy. Additionally, this vitamin increases the rate at which nutrients would be absorbed into the body.

Amino Acids from L-Carnitine HCL

Adiphene is supported with an amino acid named L-Carnitine HCL, which is an essential protein that help boosts energy levels and increases the rate at which fatty acids are transported. The body’s fat stores are metabolized by the complex HCL. The component is extremely safe while it plays an essential role to your mental focus and performance.

Ginger Root Extracts

The twelfth and last ingredient of Adiphene is ginger root extract. The root extract contributes by improving the rates of your metabolism, which routes towards swift reduction in weight. Ginger is also a detoxification agent that will maintain and improve your body’s digestive system.


How it works

Adiphene is made of a special formula. The superior formulation was accepted and promoted by world famous dieticians and doctors. The pill has a history which dates back to more ten years. The innovative formula gives the pill its power and capacity!

It is blended with a whole-new formula that works wonders to the body. Its ingredients focuses more on boosting your metabolic rate and many other properties that you desire in a dietary pill.

Adiphene stands out from many other weight loss pills. It serves its purpose to the fullest without any known side effects. The amazing product designed for weight loss, is extremely safe and healthy. The capsule promises consumers with dramatic and consistent results. Adiphene is a wider choice due to its instantaneous and immediate outcomes!


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