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About the product?

They are natural fat burners but are different from other fat loss pills because of their multifaceted approach to weight loss. They are not low grade weight loss pills in the market that claim to help lose weight without exercise. They are high quality rapid weight loss pills. Do you want to know more about it? Go ahead and read this honest natural fat burning pills 3G BURN review.

How to burn fat fast and lose weight – It is true that your body needs fat to produce energy. It is a fact but what happens when there is too much of fat in your body? You may face several health risks. The risk of heart attack, hypertension, diabetes etc. is increased. You may be sluggish in all your works. You may feel less confident and unmotivated in life.

3G BURN safe, powerful and all natural new diet pills provide:

– Powerful appetite suppressants for maximum hunger control
– Fast-acting fat burners with Forskolin
– Instant extreme energy boosting
– Amazing benefits of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea and Green Coffee
– Natural weight loss support through clinically proven ingredients

The 3G BURN formula has been scientifically designed to include only clinically proven ingredients which, when combined, are known to offer a complete spectrum of weight loss supporting benefits.  This way, dieters can choose an all natural way to quickly lose all the weight they want.  These pharmaceutical grade quality ingredients have been carefully balanced and are manufactured as the formula within the United States at a GMP FDA Certified Lab. This ensures that it can be said with confidence that these green capsules are among the best diet pills currently available.

The ingredients that make up the proprietary formula in every 3G BURN capsule are: Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% chlorogenic acid), Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (50% HCA), Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract (10% Forskolin), Green Tea Leaf Extract (50% Polyphenols) and Caffeine Anhydrous. The team of scientists at Intechra Health Inc. researched the clinical testing of every one of those substances for a solid understanding of their safety and effectiveness.  These diet pills can now provide the added tool in a dieting strategy to help you reach your weight loss goal fast.

Is it trustworthy?

To know the answer to this question, you should know more about this popular weight loss product.

A product from ‘Intechra Health’ limited

This company is a leader in making nutraceuticals. It is an American-based company popular for manufacturing slimming pills that work. Its products like PhenBlue (strong natural Phentermine Blue capsules substitute), FenFast 375 fat burning supplements(Phentermine 37.5 natural alternative), TrimThin x700 (the new improved TrimThin SR weight loss product) and APEX-TX5 (one of the best selling strong metabolism boosters on the market) have created a stir in the market. All ‘Intechra Health’ products are well known for their quality. The company is known for its customer service.


3G BURN ingredients are not only natural butclinically tested and proven too. Most of the natural fat burning supplements include ingredients that are not proven throughscientific studies. That is the reason for their ineffectiveness. 3G BURN formula is not one among them. It is one among the strong fat burners that work fast with the best quality ingredients. What are they?

Extract from green coffee beans – Green beans of coffee a higher content of an acid called chlorogenic acid when compared to roasted beans of coffee. This acid promotes weight loss. The more the acid, the more is the weight loss. In ‘Intechra Health’ 3G BURN Green and White Capsules, coffee beans contains 50% chlorogenic acid. This is highly impressive.

Garcinia Cambogia extract

This tropical fruit is a natural fat blocker. It not only prevents your body from body fat but acts as a hunger suppressant too. HCA in Garcinia Cambogia is responsible for its weight loss properties. The fact that the fruit extract in 3G BURN oral dietary supplements for weight loss contains 50% HCA makes it an effective pill for weight loss.

Green tea leaf extract

Green tea leaves contain some substances that boosts weight loss. One of them ispolyphenols. Whole grains are rich in polyphenols. That is why they are recommended for dieters. Green tea leaf extract in 3G BURN fat burners contain 50% polyphenols to help you burn fat and lose weight super fast.

Coleus Forskohlii root extract

Forskolin is a chemical compound in your body and acts as a catalyst for weight loss. It is found in abundance in the roots of Coleus Forskohlii herb.

Caffeine Anhydrous

It is a popular weight loss ingredient because of its thermogenic properties.


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